Ruth Ellen Bailey

National Athlete of the Year

Ruth Ellen Bailey
High School: Christian Academy of Knoxville
City: Knoxville, TN
Team Name: Warriors
Grade: Senior
Sport: Soccer
Position: Sweeper, Midfield

Stats: 2014-2015
-Won Class A-AA state girls’ soccer championship.
-Guest player with Knoxville Lady Force semi-pro team.
-Played in Brazil with the Charlotte Eagles youth tour.

– Soccer – All Region, All District, WVLT Scholar Athlete of the Week, State Champion 2011, State Finalist

Academic Accomplishments:
– 3.9 GPA (Unweighted)
– ACT Score 28
– SAT Score 1870

Top Leadership/Volunteer Accomplishments:
– Emerald Youth Foundation volunteer – mentor and soccer coach program.
– CAK Senior Leadership Group – Inter class ambassador and speaker. I help organize underclass spiritual retreats.
– Charlotte Eagles Youth Tour to Brazil – Missionary Athletes International – Three summers of travel.

Highlights and Quotes:

“Can Christian athletes compete just as hard as non-Christian athletes?” The answer to this question was made known to Ruth Ellen during her freshman year while traveling to Brazil with the Charlotte Eagles soccer team. Ruth Ellen says, “The world competes to glorify itself. We compete to worship God and make each other better.” The experience she gained in Brazil was brought back home as Ruth Ellen says, “After my first summer in Brazil, I knew I had to take what I’d learned about evangelizing through sport back to Knoxville. I started volunteering with Emerald Youth Foundation, I helped run soccer clinics at one of their inner city facilities, and I coached a team of youngsters in their youth league.” Ruth Ellen traveled to Brazil with the Charlotte Eagles the next two summers and has seen hundreds of lives changed.

Ruth Ellen’s identity is rooted in Christ as she explains, “The things I once found some significance in such as good grades, popularity, and achievements suddenly seemed dim in light of what Christ had done for me. I want to live a radical life. Every time I think I understand what that means, what it means to be unashamed of the Gospel, Christ shows me other ways to sell out for Him. For me, playing soccer is a form of worship and it’s been a joy to be able to use my gifts and abilities to bring Jesus glory.”