SportQuest Playing With Purpose
2014-2015 Official Scholarship Application
Deadline to apply: February 1, 2015

Please have the following information available before beginning your online application:
Cumulative GPA, Weighted GPA, SAT and/or ACT scores (if available), High School Address and Phone Number, Principal name and email, Athletic Director name and email, Coaches name(s) and email(s), Guidance Counselor name and email.

Directions: Please note that once you have started the application process, you must complete the entire application. You cannot save the application for completion at a later time.

The application will be filled out in five main sections. Please look over your answers for accuracy at the end of each section. At the end of section five, click the submit button and wait for the confirmation screen to appear. Use the <Tab> key or the mouse to move between fields. Hitting the <Enter> key will automatically send your application, so please do not hit <Enter> until you are completely finished.
Please contact our office if you need help or have any questions.


I certify that the information provided in this application is true and accurate. I understand that staff members of the SportQuest Playing With Purpose Program will verify the information in this application with my school to confirm that it is correct. I understand that if any part of this application is found to be false, the SportQuest Playing With Purpose Program reserves the right to inform school officials and disqualify the applicant from all benefits of the program.

If you have read and agree to the above terms and conditions click


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